New Barcode Concept Claims to Protect Early Stage Creative Business Concepts

Creative Barcode™ – a digitally-encoded online IP protection system – has recently been introduced by a UK-based start up company. The barcode concept claims to safeguard knowledge-based creative concepts and propositions at the pre-commercialisation presentation stage.

According to Maxine Horn, Chief Executive Officer at Creative Barcode the concept protects knowledge-based creative business concepts by embedding application-driven digital codes into written and visual concepts, proposals and creative works to denote ownership and permission-based usage.

The innovative new software application can be downloaded by professional originators, creative individuals and innovative companies who wish to present their confidential new concepts, products and proposals to third parties. The device bestows ‘proof of ownership’ protection at the pre-commercialisation stage when making pitches, sharing ideas and know-how, entering into creative partnerships or submitting proposals and tenders.

Each barcode embeds a unique number to each new project, enabling originators to digitally tag, encode and date their work, denote its origins and ownership, and record and track its use by visiting, registering online and downloading the software application. It also offers prospective buyers the route to collaboration, purchase or licensing of concepts.


A high-visibility Creative Barcode™ can be inserted into a wide range of digital, text, graphic or CAD files, or paper-based media. Registered users can forward their project files to third parties via the Creative Barcode™ file transfer area, which adds a password unique to the recipient when downloading. This enables the system to track third party receipt of files, and registers the recipient’s agreement to their permission-based conditions.

In addition, a ‘transfer of ownership’ feature is built into the Creative Barcode™ software application which can also record relevant exclusions, trading areas etc. This enables those selling or licensing their concepts to re-assign ownership to the purchaser and generate a ‘transfer of ownership’ certificate. Until this is done, the work remains the sole property of the originator.

-Creative Barcode is an ethical, efficient and transparent method of knowledge and concept exchange which optimises open innovation,” said Emily Miller, Creative Barcode’s MD.

The problem until now had been that professional originators such as industrial designers, inventors, scientists, technologists, design engineers and others risk the misappropriation of the core proposition, know-how or creative intent of their work when presenting confidential ideas, concepts and proposals that are still at a conceptual stage to prospective investors, business partners and customers. According to the Creative Barcode team before their new concept little or no meaningful protection of such conceptual knowledge-based work had been possible.

-Creative Barcode™ is a long awaited-innovation that creates a level playing field between originators and prospective route-to-market-partners,” said Maxine Horn, Creative Barcode’s CEO.

-The vulnerability originators previously faced, due to the risk of misappropriation of their previously-unprotected work, has been one of the biggest issues affecting the motivation and growth of the creative industries. That barrier to open innovation and knowledge exchange can now be dismantled and replaced with our new, permission-based, ethical trading model.”

A Creative Barcode™ forms an agreement between all parties that the tagged propositions, proposals and creative works may not be commercialised by those commissioning, soliciting, viewing or negotiating the use of them without the originator’s permission. In this way, Creative Barcode™ benefits both originators and procurers by encouraging trust-based opportunities for collaboration, open innovation and the trading of concepts between originators and route-to-market partners.

Creative Barcode™ also supports best practice in ethical trading and procurement policies.

About Creative Barcode™

Creative Barcode™ is the trading name of the software application, the digital barcode, and the not-for-profit organisation that created and markets the product. Benefitting both originators and procurers, a Creative Barcode™ denotes that no element of the tagged work may be used without the originators’ permission.

It enables registered firms to embed data-encoded barcodes into strategic proposals, detailed propositions and digital, 2D and 3D creative work. The barcode and information panel identifies the owner of the creative work, includes a simple ‘authorisation of usage’ agreement for recipients, and enables online database recording, tracking and monitoring of file distribution to and download by third parties.

Creative Barcode is just £30 per annum including the App and 5 barcodes. Additional barcodes, costing from £4.00 each, can be bought online as required. Further information is available at

For more information, please contact:

Maxine J Horn, Chief Executive Officer. Maxine has been the CEO of British Design Innovation (BDI), the trade association for designers and innovators for 17 years, and is the initiator of Creative Barcode™. With over 20 years’ experience in the design, innovation and knowledge transfer sectors of the creative industries, she is a member of the UKIPO B2B Strategy Group, a pioneer of Open Innovation and an acknowledged opinion-former. [email protected]