Webcast Recording with IMD Professor Bill Fischer on China- What is Next?

For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to join our live webcast from IMD or want to share the viewing with friends or colleagues, here is a possibility to watch the session, view the slides and learn more about on the topic “China – what is next”

China what is next?

China, today, is on a roll. After more than thirty years of consistent growth, mostly at high-levels, China has reached a level of global admiration for its economic success and respect for its political agendas. It would appear as if China is well-positioned to achieve a level of influence, if not power, in a multitude of economic, social and political spheres that would have been unthinkable only a decade ago.

Yet, there are no guarantees, and while China is positioned well for continued future success, there are a number of major challenges that it must master if it is to continue on its way. On November 18th we speculated together about issues such as innovation, demographics, currency adjustment and single-party leadership might mean for China in the coming decade.

About Professor Fischer

At IMD, Bill Fischer is professor of Innovation and Technology Management. He is program director for two of IMD’s flagship Innovation programs as well as teaching in several other senior executive programs. He has a career that spans many industries (including WHO) and geographies and has deep knowledge of China, where he has worked extensively. He holds a DBA from George Washington University.