Many Want to Learn More About Measuring for Innovation

Clearly there is a great need to learn more about establishing innovation measurement programs. The topic of the workshop “ Measuring for Innovation”, held in Stockholm on November 10th, attracted participants from major multinational companies as well as guests from the Chinese embassy in Stockholm.

A poll among the participants showed that roughly 70 percent of the organizations represented did not measure innovation explicitly. And less than one percent had a complete measurement program.

Åsa Norrby, Innovation Development Leader from Volvo CE (Construction Equipment) was very interested in learning more about how to measure for innovation:

-  At Volvo CE we are very interested in developing our innovation capabilities and knowing how to measure our work is of course a very important factor. I really enjoyed the workshop discussions. It´s interesting to exchange ideas and it seems like a lot of us are dealing with the same kinds of challenges.

The workshop focused on the assessment of innovation capability at team level in relation to the processes which take place before the actual product or service development projects are decided; when new business models, technological opportunities and intellectual property rights are created and investigated. The measurement framework called MINT (Measuring Innovation Capability in Teams) was introduced. The framework is focusing on four areas: innovation elicitation, selection, impact and ways of working.

Another one of the participants was Anders Brolin, Director of Innovation Management at Stora Enso, the global paper, packaging and wood products company.

- The ability to measure and get indications of whether or not you are moving in the right direction is of great importance to us, especially in early phases of development. The discussions that we had during the workshop were very valuable to me, as well as the opportunity to meet with colleagues and exchange ideas. I would have wanted to get even more in depth information about the topic, but that is perhaps difficult given the short time available.

The workshop was held at VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency. Carl Ridder, Programme Manager at the department for Organization and Management was representing VINNOVA:

- The content of this workshop is very much aligned with our mission to increase the innovation capabilities and competitiveness in Swedish companies. As we have been supporting some of the research behind the methodology presented in this Applied Innovation Management article, it is also very important for us to support the diffusion of the results. We see this as a good way of making the knowledge accessible and useful and also to reach the intended target group.

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the Applied Innovation Management article Measuring for Innovation, a Guide for Innovative Teams, to provide helpful knowledge and a framework to serve as a guide in establishing an innovation measurement program. The workshop was led by the authors of the article; Fredrik Nilsson, Tobias Larsson and Sofia Ritzén.

By Karin Wall, Chief Editor

About the Applied Innovation Management Article:

As innovation is a necessity for any organization today, the ability to assess and measure the progress and impact of your innovation efforts might be a true source of competitive advantage. This Applied Innovation Management article offers fresh experiences, best practice and insights from how a number of multinational companies within the MedTech, telecom and manufacturing industries are working with establishing and implementing innovation measurement programs. Read more »