Welcome to the Workshop on Measuring for Innovation

InnovationManagement is pleased to invite you to a workshop on November 10 at VINNOVA in Stockholm. The workshop will introduce the Applied Innovation Management article Measuring for innovation – guide for innovative teams which will provide you with new knowledge and a framework which will guide you and your team in establishing an innovation measurement program. The workshop is led by the authors of the article; Fredrik Nilsson, Björn Regnell, Tobias Larsson and Sofia Ritzén.

How do you know that you and your team are innovative? What are your measurement indicators for innovation?

If you do not have clear answers to these questions you have good reasons to participate in the work shop “Measuring for innovation – a guide for innovative teams”. As innovation is a necessity for any organization today, the ability to assess and measure the progress and impact of your innovation efforts might be a true source of competitive advantage. In this workshop you will be provided with a framework which will guide you and your team in establishing an innovation measurement program. Once a suitable innovation measurement program has been implemented the innovation capabilities of your team, as well as the confidence from both internal and external stakeholders will increase.

The workshop focuses on the assessment of innovation capability at team level in relation to the processes which takes place before actual product or service development projects are decided; when new business models, technological opportunities and intellectual property rights are created and investigated. We will present and discuss a measurement framework called MINT (Measuring Innovation Capability in Teams). This framework focusing on four areas: innovation elicitation, selection, impact and ways of working.

Your outcome of the workshop will be increased insights for how you and your organization can measure innovation efforts and better drive innovation processes. You will also get the possibility to buy documentation and do it yourself instructions in the Applied Innovation Management article Measuring for innovation, by Fredrik Nilsson, Björn Regnell, Tobias Larsson and Sofia Ritzén.

Register early to ensure your spot

What: The workshop “Measuring for innovation – a guide for innovative teams”
When: November 10, between 10 and 12 followed by a light lunch.
Where: VINNOVA, Mäster Samuelsgatan 56, Stockholm.

The workshop is free of charge, but we need your confirmed participation before November 3. Capacity is limited to 35 persons. Please register early to ensure your spot. If you have any questions or to register, please send an email to [email protected].

The workshop is led by Associate Professor Fredrik Nilsson and his colleagues Björn Regnell, Tobias Larsson and Sofia Ritzén.

Fredrik NilssonFredrik Nilsson is Associate Professor at the Department of Design Sciences, Lund University. For the past 5 years he has researched Innovation capabilities in high-tech industries and healthcare.. He is also responsible for two Master’s courses; Innovation Engineering and Healthcare Innovation and Management.

Björn Regnell is Björn RegnellProfessor at the Department of Computer Science, and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. He is an active researcher into Empirical software engineering with a focus on the early phases of software product development, including requirements engineering for software-intensive systems. He is currently leading investigations which focus specifically on software innovation and software product management.

Tobias Larsson is Tobias LarssonProfessor, and Head of Division at the Division of Functional Product Development, Luleå University of Technology. His interest is in Innovation regarding product/service systems and his research is conducted in collaboration with manufacturing industries in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Sofia Ritzén is Sofia RitzénAssociate Professor at the Department of Machine Design, the Royal Institute of Technology. Her research area is that of organizing and managing product development processes with a focus on effectiveness and innovativeness. Sofia is also the director of PIEp, Product Innovation Engineering program, a national venture for increased innovation capability in people and organizations.

  • http://www.einsteindiva.com Peter Bergman

    This sound like a great workshop!

    In the beginning of September I wrote an article “what gets measured gets done”, saying that organizations should on regularly basis start to monitor their innovation efforts. Measure how many new ideas their business teams came up with and how effective their teams are in the innovation process.

    By doing this managers would:

    Get recognition for the number of ideas their teams generate.

    Feel some pressure to support and spur a creative environment.

    Continuous develop and quality assure the innovation process.

    MINT might be the measurement to use…interesting!

  • Peter Willemoes

    Dear Peter Bergman,

    I do agree with you, that the comming conference could be an accelerator.

    My hop for the conference is the old quote from my time in SAS: “Everytime you make a mistake – you are one step further to your goal”. Innovation without mistakes does not exist. So do not be afraid of it.

    Finally I am in line with your opion regarding “What is measure – is done”. How can I get acquanted with the content of you article.

    Best regards,

    Peter Willemoes

  • http://www.innovationinside.dk Mikael Lindholm

    Interesting, indeed. We already measure innovation competencies and innovative teams using a tool developed by professor Søren Salomo at DTU Executive School of Business in Copenhagen – InnovationProfiler, a 360 degrees peer-review tool. We use it for the annual competition Innovation Champion. The winners are portrayed in Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin – Business Week of Denmark – and presented at conference that was held last month. Check out http://www.innovationchampion.dk

    We have also developed a tool measuring the innovation capacity of an organizaton – Seven Circles of Innovation. It’s being used for another competition – Innovation Cup – that we’ve run since 2006. Some of the largest Danish companies participate and use the tool for planning their innovation strategy. Check out http://www.innovationcup.dk

    Maybe Sweden is ready to join?

    Best regards,
    Mikael Lindholm

  • http://www.einsteindiva.com Peter Bergman

    Hello Peter Willemoes!

    you can find it at http://www.einsteindiva.com

    Kind Regards,