Increase Innovation Capabilities with Applied Innovation Management™

Many of you have been asking if it would be possible to share knowledge and hands-on experience from organizations that have worked with and delivered successful innovation management improvements. The presentation of this knowledge and know-how should be easily accessible as well as actionable and implementable for those of you who will use it at home, i.e. in your own organization.

The ability to learn from and use the best practices from other organizations is a very cost effective way of developing your own organization. Today’s global world is very different from yesterday, and an organization’s capacity to be open is one of its key success factors. As a result, many organizations are willing to share their experiences.

During the last two years we have been working on developing a product that we hope will satisfy some of the needs that you have been expressing to acquire more useful and valuable knowledge.  Shortly we will launch our new product, Applied Innovation Management™, a series of articles in combination with an online forum where you can discuss and share your thoughts with the like-minded and the author.

Applied Innovation Management™ is a series of articles for innovation management practitioners, building on hands-on experience and proof of concept from successful organizations. The articles are written by international experts in the field of applied innovation management from leading companies, business schools and universities.

When buying Applied Innovation Management™ you can expect content that is presented in a way that makes it actionable and ready to use for implementation in your own organization. In the forum,, you have the possibility to communicate with the author of the article and with colleagues from around the world. We would even go as far as to claim that Applied Innovation Management™ is the most cost effective way of increasing innovation capabilities in your organization.

Our ambition is to launch six Applied Innovation Management™ articles each year within the most up to date areas of innovation management. They will be for sale as downloadable PDFs from our store, both with a single use license (for personal use only) and with a multiple user license (for free distribution within an organization).

As from today we will also be offering IM Feature articles, as downloadable PDFs free of charge. These articles are typically between 5-10 pages, providing you with in-depth knowledge and also some hints and directions about how to use the knowledge presented in the article.

The IM Feature article How to do User Innovation in services highlights the importance of adapting the user innovation approach to service innovation, in particular by involving users in the steps of the innovation process beyond user needs identification. This is particularly important in service innovation due to the high impact of the human factor in developing and delivering service products.

As usual I hope you enjoy our articles and you are always welcome to share your thoughts on how we can improve our content.

Karin Wall, chief editor