Welcome to the Innovation Management Forum

In addition to our online magazine and feature articles, we have recently launched the InnovationManagementForum.com to provide a platform and channel of communication exclusively dedicated to innovation management, where colleagues from around the world can engage. You can interact with like-minded and as a member you can invite others to participate in your discussions.

There are two options:

  1. You can either choose to start or follow an open discussion that will be open to all interested parties.
  2. Or you can start a closed group of your own. Closed groups give you the opportunity to keep the content confidential for yourself and the persons you choose to invite.

Here are some ideas about how the forum can be utilized for discussions open to all or to a selected group of people:

  • Start a discussion about a project, the latest research, publication or conference.
  • Analyze real examples and ask fellow practitioners for their opinion or help to find a solution to a problem.
  • Ask questions and reflect on the implementation process of the knowledge learned in the InnovationManagement articles.
  • Give and receive practical advice and comments about a theory, process or innovative technique.

Through open and constructive dialogue you can increase learning and comprehension regarding the vast range of concepts and processes involved in the international innovation management community. Why not start by taking the opportunity to discuss a set of proposed fundamental principles for innovation, provided in an article by Heinz Essman, contributing editor from South Africa.

  • therence edou

    For me, i think that Innovation is an economic principle that covers all the micro-economic activities marchandes1 production companies, service and distribution services dedicated to:

    the placing on the market worldwide news, products and new or significantly improved services;

    adoption within them changes and internal measures améliorant2 their effectiveness and efficiency.

    Understanding the concept of innovation implies that there are many concrete result (product, service, process, etc.) of the action to innovate, abstract process to achieve them.

    An innovation is a novelty, a new product, a new service that innovant3 been implémenté4

    A new product, that is to say a product or service or delivery system or software, etc. a company or a start-up or an innovator or entrepreneur had not occurred and that, according to the nature of them, they throw or place on the market or put into use or deploy or implement in large quantities .

    Innovative, that is to say that for the first time brings a creative solution more efficiently than previous ones, a problem shared by a large number of individuals, companies or communities.

  • lea

    I would like to suggest this three-day program that will be held in March at the Columbia University and is in collaboration with SIT: it’s a brief and intense course focused on learning an amalgamation of the latest trends of innovation practices from experts in the field of innovation.
    Here’s their link: http://www.sitsite.com/services-internal/innovation-suite/