Weeks of passion in Sweden

In conjunction with the upcoming royal wedding between the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Mr Daniel Westling, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology has hosted the event Passion for Innovation. One of the highlights was the presentation of a new professor in Product Innovation Engineering.

On Wednesday, June 9, Mr Carl Bennet presented the new professor in Product Innovation Engineering, Mats Magnusson. The professorship at KTH, which will be linked to the research and development program PIEp, has been created through a financial contribution by Mr Bennett. The presentation took place in the Royal Institute of Technology Pavilion at Skeppsbron in Stockholm.

Carl Bennet- When the initiative for a national innovation program PIEp was developed, I saw that there would be a program that could really make a difference to Sweden. I also saw the start of a unique opportunity to help strengthen Swedish innovation, increased competition and innovative growth, which is why I decided to support a professorship at KTH. It’s nice that the appointment process is now finished and we’ve had a very competent professor at the site, linked to PIEp says Carl Bennet.

- I am happy and proud that I became the first professor in Product Innovation Engineering and I feel that I with full force from a strong platform now can promote Swedish innovation through collaborative research between academia and industry, says Mats Magnusson.

Mats MagnussonMats comes from Chalmers University of Technology, but has also been a visiting professor in Italy and Denmark. He is President of the International Network for the Continuous Innovation Network and director of the Foundation IMIT, Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology.

- This is an extremely important step for the development of PIEp. Mats will go into the operational management team and further strengthen both research and training in product innovation, says Sofia Ritzén, director of PIEp.

About Passion for Innovation

The purpose of the Innovation Pavilion is not just to display existing innovations, but also to promote creativity and new ideas. In the project “Open Innovation” visitors to the pavilion, in cooperation with KTH students, are able to come up with ideas for innovations that will later become a wedding gift to Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling. The wedding present will take shape during the course of the project and visitors to the pavilion will be involved in the development through a method called crowdsourcing.
Electronic wallpapers changing patterns, painless syringe stickers for those who fear injections, music costumes, flowery cars, CSI paper and Twitter trees. In the KTH Innovation Pavilion at Skeppsbron a multitude of exciting innovations are on display during LOVE 2010. Representatives from KTH Innovation are on the site to guide curious visitors. The event is on for two weeks, ending June 19.

About PIEp

PIEp is a unique national research and development programs that develop innovative individuals, organizations, products and processes. The program interacts with a number of universities and companies in research, development and education. PIEp was started in 2007 with the help of a far-sighted funding from VINNOVA, in order to strengthen the innovation capacity of the Swedish system. Read more about PIEp at www.piep.se.