Swedish Company Wins Logica’s Global Innovation Venture Partner Programme 2010

Logica, a leading business and technology service company, last week announced Eurostep, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)collaboration company headquartered in Sweden, as this year’s winner of the Global Innovation Venture Partner (GIVP) Programme. Winning the competition includes the opportunity to partner Logica on a global go to market strategy.

Eurostep won the award for their Share-A-space® product which enables networks of organizations to effectively share information from disparate systems and platforms, enabling them to collaborate across domains and organisation borders. Collaboration partners can follow their internal processes and IT systems while easily connecting to other networks. This is the second consecutive year that a Swedish company has won the global award – last year’s winner was Appear Networks, also from Sweden.

Logica’s Global Innovation Venture Partner Programme was run across nine countries – UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Portugal, USA and India. The programme is part of Logica’s client intimacy strategy that revolves around collaborative innovation and partnership for the benefit of clients. All winners will get the opportunity to partner Logica in a country specific go to market strategy but Logica will work with Eurostep on a global strategy that will touch key markets and clients primarily across Europe.

Håkan Kårdén, CEO, Eurostep, was delighted with the win.

-It is indeed an honour to be this year’s winner. Today’s product development and innovation performance is a complex and continuous process in which networks of suppliers and knowledge teams interact and share information. The same needs exist throughout the complete life cycle of products including the need to link closer to the end user’s business. This win clearly reiterates the importance of our solution in today’s business environment. With this award, we will be able to leverage Logica’s technology and business acumen as well as marketing reach. We really look forward to building a long term and mutually beneficial partnership.”

GBS Bindra, Global Innovation Director, Logica, congratulated Eurostep on their achievement:

-Eurostep’s product addresses the information management challenge that clients face today. They have a product that is both innovative and collaborative in nature. At Logica we have always believed that we are part of an ecosystem and the only way we can bring real benefit to our clients is by leveraging the strength of partners and technologies. By working together with Eurostep, we will be able to offer clients an improved service and solution that would not have been possible otherwise.” Andy Green CEO, Logica (left) hands over the award and certificate to Håkan Kårdén, CEO, Eurostep (right). The country winners will work with the local Logica teams on a local go to market strategy. The teams will work together and market the solution in the region and to Logica’s clients in country. Details of the eight 2010 country winners as below:

  • Portugal – ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, a leader in remote monitoring solutions applied to the areas of Energy, Environment, Safety, Mobility and Health, won the award for their solution to monitor energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.
  • UK – AVEVA – AVEVA won the award for innovative engineering technology. Employing a highly flexible data model, the AVEVA NET solution enables complex engineering projects and operational lifecycle management to be carried out efficiently in a collaborative environment that delivers consistent and accurate information. AVEVA Solutions are helping organisations improve information quality, reduce risk, and control costs in the plant, production and marine industries worldwide
  • France – Normind – won the award for their solution Intègre, a solution that supports professionals to support their expertise during decision making, special documents’ edition, operations planning or complex scenarios’ simulation.
  • Denmark – ABC Softwork – won the award for their innovative approach on how to collect and work with complex data. Their solution is open and easily adaptable – and provides a unique visual overview in real time of extremely complex procurement problems, helping companies to optimise their business.
  • North America – DataRaker, the North America Country winner, applies analytics to the terabytes of data generated by Smart Meters to rapidly extract the value and present it within a business framework.
  • Finland – MHG Systems Oy – won the award for a biomass supply chain management and quality control solution for coal-fired power stations. The solution can help power stations plan and organize their bio mass sourcing more efficiently and greatly reduce the amount of residual moisture in it significantly lowering transportation costs.
  • India – ConnectM Technology Solutions – won the award for their Energy Management Solution that delivers savings in electricity bills, fuel consumption, and overall optimisation of energy operations. The solution effectively leverages wireless technology for retrofit solutions and provides for energy management services remotely
  • Netherlands – Total Immersion – won the award for a proprietary Augmented Reality Technology platform. This technology integrates 3D objects into live video. Total Immersion is currently providing various Augmented reality solutions to more than 500 clients

By Karin Wall, Chief Editor

About Logica

Logica is a business and technology service company, employing 39,000 people. It provides business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world, including many of Europe’s largest businesses. Logica creates value for clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology. It is committed to long term collaboration, applying insight to create innovative answers to clients’ business needs. Logica is listed on both the London Stock Exchange and Euronext (Amsterdam) (LSE: LOG; Euronext: LOG). More information is available at www.logica.com.
About Eurostep:

Eurostep delivers software and consulting services for product lifecycle management with a particular focus on the exchange and sharing of data within and between enterprises. Services range from pre-studies to the implementation and support of systems. Eurostep’s flagship product, Share-A-space® is software that supports collaborative engineering across the life cycle of products. Eurostep has subsidiaries in Sweden, the UK, Finland, France and the US and has blue-chip customers in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, defence, high tech/telecom, building & construction and process industries. Eurostep Group has been an international venture from its inception in 1994.