Welcome to our new platform for Innovation Management

Both the depth and scope of the knowledge in the field of innovation management is continuously developing. To reflect this deeper knowledge we have introduced a new structure on the platform with five main categories: Strategy, Performance management, Organization & People, Process framework and Technology. All articles will be tagged under these different categories. When you read an article you will also automatically get information on related content.

In addition to browsing the main categories you can always use the new and improved search engine to help you find articles and interviews that match your particular interests.

We know that many of you write books, articles, blogs, etc. When you collaborate with InnovationManagement as a writer, our new platform provides a personal page to present each of our authors. Please contact me for more information [email protected]

The next big news is our new concept IM Actionable Manuals™. This concept is the most cost effective way for you to increase your innovation capability. To read more and to sign up for our “lead user test” please click here.

In our new section for job listings you can directly post ads for new employment opportunities. This is a very effective way to announce positions related to innovation management to a global and interested audience.

Under the advertise section you will find all information about how you can use our platform to market your products and services to a very well defined target group within innovation management.

We will continue to work hard with our development and you will regularly see new features and content in our platform. Suggestions from you are always welcome.

Enjoy the reading!

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