Innovation is growing!

It´s the time of the year when you might want to reflect on what has passed, and look forward to what´s to come in the year ahead. For it has been a rather bumpy, but also very satisfying year. One of the things that we are very pleased with is that our readership and the numbers of our subscribers have been steadily increasing. We send warm thanks to all our readers who help us keep on developing the magazine and the site!

Since its fairly humble beginnings a little over a year ago, has grown from a team of 2 to 17 people fulfilling different roles. Read more about the team here.

This team represents wide and deep knowledge and experience in innovation management, in creating and establishing a new business, in how to develop a functional website and production of accessible and appealing content.


We are both happy and grateful to have all these persons in our network. Much of our growing wouldn´t have been possible without them and the efforts they put into our development. We really appreciate their efforts!

We continue to develop, and an important part of this effort is to continuously establish new partnerships and collaborations with others who, like ourselves, believe in the power and possibilities of innovation as means to create and secure future growth.

Our goal is to be a leading independent knowledge broker in the field of innovation management. In January 2010 we will open our store, which will offer IM Actionable Management Products, including tools, workshops and Service Support. These products all have in common that they will provide companies with possibilities that will increase their innovation capabilities in very cost effective ways.

But before the challenges of the New Year we are taking a break – to relax and recharge the batteries, and we hope that you can do the same.

Wishing you and your loved ones a festive and joyful holiday season and an innovative new year!