Another new column! This time, a Danish perspective.

From an innovation management perspective, we think Denmark is a really interesting country. For example; the world’s first government sponsored user driven innovation program with an aim to strengthen the diffusion of methods for user driven innovation is to be found in Denmark. So is SPIRE, the newest research centre at the Mads Clausen Institute which is concerned with research in participatory innovation in collaboration with social scientists, human scientists, local industry and a theatre group.

That´s why we are introducing  a new column written by Frode Lundsten, guest editor from Denmark, who discusses the subject of innovation management from the Danish perspective. Frode has a very keen interest in innovation management, his dissertation focused on open innovation in Danish companies, and he has over 20 years’ experience of helping companies to sustain or revitalize their growth.

Frode’s interest in innovation and, specifically, the role of senior management in promoting innovation within companies, was the motivation for VL92 – an innovation network of top executives established by him and his business partner, Anne Sofie Josephsen. The network is part of Danish Society for Business Leadership,, which has some 100 groups and almost 3,000 top executives under its umbrella. The purpose of VL92 is to promote and drive innovation at the top levels of Danish companies.

I hope you´ll enjoy Frode’s column!

And as always, we are very interested in hearing what you, our readers, have to say and welcome your responses and comments.