Become a Certified Innovation Manager Online

The success of companies is highly dependent on the ability to continuously innovate and improve. A European initiative has developed an online training offering the possibility to becaome an ECQA Certified Innovation Manager. asked Dr Richard Messnarz a few questions about the training.

What’s the main content of this course, what skills will a participant get from participating

The original project developing the content was called ORGANIC (2005 – 2007) by purpose. Based on different European studies about innovation management where members of the partnership and leading industry have been involved we developed a modern learning organisation based innovation management strategy. A company becomes an ORGANISM where through continuous learning spirals the knowledge grows and the core competences increase continuously. In collaboration with innovation leading companies the project developed an example base which is being exchanged and used in different working task forces since 2006. This is also reflected in the way the innovation manager is transported to industry.

In this course we emphasise that learning strategies and a structured approach to turn organisations into learning organisms are a major influence on the success of improvement programs.

Meanwhile the European Union supported in creating an EU Certificates Campus (2008 – 2010) where such key areas of knowledge are transported in form of online short courses, together with recognised certificates for innovation management.

In ORGANIC we run through 20 competence areas when organising a firm into a learning organisation:

  • Building Basic Understanding
    • Core Competencies and Customer Relationship Management Skills
    • Innovation and EU Policies Know-how
    • Introducing Innovation Management Principles
    • Knowledge Management Competencies
    • Market Research Skills
    • Regional Innovation Strategies Involvement
    • Human Force Skills Management
  • Building Communication Skills
    • e-Challenges in Innovation
    • Innovation Skills for Reporting&Presentation Skills
  • Building Management Skills
    • Corporate Wide Innovation Management
    • Innovation Aspects in Project Management
    • Innovation Process Management Process
  • Building Team-Learning and Teamworking
    • Cross Cultural Success Factors
    • Innovation Aspects in Conflict Management
    • Innovation Aspects in Motivation Building
    • Innovation Aspects in Team Communication
    • Innovation Skills for Distributed Team Management
  • Building Personal Skills
    • Cross Cultural Skills
    • Knowledge about Personal Characteristics
    • Learning Culture Establishment

Each of the competence areas has equal importance. For each of the competence areas the material proposes certain best practices and asks the participant to apply that on the own organisation.

After running through all steps you have created the architectural design of a learning organisation tailored to your own needs.

Why do you arrange such an education?

The success of companies nowadays depends on the ability to continuously innovate and improve.

A learning organisation creates a positive learning culture and enables team learning and synergy exploitation in an organisation. By team learning knowledge is spread much more quickly and a high level of a skilled human force is maintained.

Typical examples of failure are

  • You recognise that for the implementation of a new product or new processes you lack specific skills and have no chance of acquiring them in time.
  • You recognise that departments inside the company have the knowledge but do not want to share it with other departments.
  • You recognise that your competitors have formed a group to share knowledge and jointly compete against you on the market.
  • You recognise that some of your management staff does not fully understand the mission.
  • You recognise that someone in your firm bought a knowledge management system but none uses it.
  • Etc.

Typical examples of success are

  • You linked in time yourself to experience partnerships and training networks and can react on the market immediately with any skills required.
  • You manage that knowledge and team learning is used in a synergy approach between the departments and teams.
  • You were the one who formed the group that jointly learns and shares knowledge and collaborates against your competitors.
  • You ensure that the mission is a goal which binds everyone to a big picture.
  • You analyse the core knowledge (the one that differentiates you from the competitors) and build all knowledge management strategies around that core (=realistic and not holistic knowledge management!).
  • Etc.

In learning organisations there is an infrastructure in place which enables the team learning and the spreading of knowledge and team communication.

Target groups?

  • company managers
  • innovation managers
  • technology transfer managers
  • quality managers
  • project managers
  • division managers

When is it?

There is a continuous set of online courses organised by the partnership per year. You can contact the responsible coordinator, see -> Certificates and Trainings -> Innovation Manager

You can also directly contact the coordinator of the innovation manager consortium, Dr Richard Messnarz: [email protected] .

Where can you find more information about this if you are interested?

The European Certification and Qualification Association created common standards for certification in Europe and supports the ECQA certified innovation manager.

Job Role ECQA Certified Innovation Manager
You find information about the job role at in the section Certified Professions under ECQA certificated innovation manager.

The certifier in Europe is the ISQI (International SW Quality Institute, which implements the standard exam and test procedures for ECQa for this profession.

The European Systems and Software Improvement and Innovation initiative organises a set of annual workshops and conferences attended by 26 different nationalities.

Innovation Manager Skills Portal
This is an online system whioxch allows you to browse and self assess skills for innovation manager. See in section Leraning services and download the Self Assessment and Learning guide.

EU Certificates Campus
An online university build for supporting European professions. This is an underlying infrastructure from ECQA. The establishment of this online campus was supported by the EU. The innovation manager course is part of that platform. See in section Leraning services and download the Self Assessment and Learning guide.

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