State Agency Supports Innovation

Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, has decided to support further development of the Swedish site, which aims to promote and diffuse knowledge about how to operate and lead the innovation process. Vinnova´s support will enable, a company based in Lund, Sweden, to further develop its net magazine and accompanying services and products.

Innovation management is a central part of Vinnova’s core business and of great importance for the competitiveness of Sweden. It is rare with advanced, practice-based and at the same time easily accessible knowledge within this area. That is why we choose to support and their project. It’ll create a platform for qualified exchange of knowledge between entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers and others engaged in innovation management, stated Göran Marklund, Director and Head of the Strategic Development Division at Vinnova.

By supporting, Vinnova hopes to strengthen the effect of its other efforts to increase knowledge about innovation management and to ensure that it is applied in the innovation process.

Receiving the sponsorship of Vinnova means a lot to

Lars Percy Andersson- We’re very proud and pleased. It will give us the opportunity to realize our visions and to move our business on to the next level. It also adds greater legitimacy to our site, thereby enhancing our possibilities to cooperate with other parties involved in innovation management, said Lars Percy Andersson, Founder and Managing Director of

The net magazine promotes and diffuses knowledge and inspiration within the area of innovation management. It includes interviews with representatives of the business community, reports the latest research from the academies and presents examples of how different companies are working with innovation from a strategic management perspective and other interesting items on the subject. This is combined with different services such as web seminars, the opportunity the purchase expert articles on innovation management and various kinds management tools.

For further information, please contact:

Lars Percy Andersson, Founder and Managing Director ,
+46 709 65 31 71. [email protected]

Göran Marklund, director and Head of the Strategic Development Division at Vinnova, +46 8 473 30 80.